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Please note: We have kept this website online with the ability to upload comments as we want to hear the views of the community. However we have now submitted the application and may not be able to include future comments received.

In 2018 Colchester Borough Council granted planning permission to Turnstone Estates for a development at the Northern Gateway site. The proposals sought to create a state of the art leisure destination for the region that would provide:

  • A 12 screen cinema with Superscreen and 4DX
  • Up to 13 restaurant units
  • An 80-bed hotel
  • Indoor active leisure units to deliver active uses such as rock climbing, trampolining, adventure golf etc.
  • High quality landscaped piazza.

Turnstone Estates are now looking to submit a revised planning application which will see a number of variations to the previous consent on the site. Our approach has been to retain the design ethos from the 2018 approval and look to modify the scheme rather than make wholescale changes. A modern cinema and leisure facilities will still be provided, with the changes including:

  • A reduction in the number of restaurant units and the increase in active leisure space
  • A reduction in height of the Cinema and provision of a new foyer space
  • A reduction in height of the Car Park by the removal of a deck
  • The provision of 2 drive-thrus
  • The addition of electric car charging spaces.

The proposals are designed to create a leisure focused destination that will provide new and exciting facilities for all sections of the community, as well as a projected 550 jobs.

You can view the full presentation boards here.

History of the site

The site forms part of Colchester Borough Council's Northern Gateway vision for a major regional sports and recreation facility on land it owns.

Turnstone Estates secured the site from Colchester Borough Council, having been selected in September 2015 following a tender process.

In April 2016 Turnstone Estates submitted a full planning application for the site. Colchester Borough Council resolved to grant planning permission in July 2017 and planning was granted in January 2018.

Images showing the new proposals

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For more information or to contact the project team, please contact Luke Tatton at ltatton@conciliocomms.com or call 07825 758243.


  1. Online consultation - April 2020 Complete
  2. Planning application submitted - Spring/Summer 2020 Complete
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