What are you proposing at this location?

We are proposing the demolition of the existing building and redevelopment to re-provide improved retail uses at ground floor, a residential mansion block of 32 apartments, and a new office building above the retail.

How many residential apartments are being proposed?


Why are you proposing an office on Queensway?

Demand for offices is changing considerably. Businesses are increasingly looking for buildings in locations that provide good connectivity, access to high quality amenities and proximity to green space – all of which Queensway provides.

With the transformation of Whiteleys into retail, housing and a hotel, it’s important to ensure that a balanced mixed of uses is introduced into the neighbourhood, and the introduction of a new office building will further support the new ecosystem being created on Queensway.

How many floors of office space will there be?

6 floors of office space.

How many retail units are proposed?

11 retail units.

How is this scheme different to the schemes we have previously consulted on?

Offices are now the main use proposed, alongside the re-provision of the existing retail and residential uses. The previous scheme contained no offices and a larger amount of housing, along with larger basements and on-site car parking, which is no longer proposed.

Why do you think there is demand for an office at this location, especially following Covid-19?

We have already identified substantial demand from a tech, media and creative businesses for this location.

The location provides good connectivity, access to high quality amenities and excellent proximity to green space, which is what all of these businesses are seeking.

Will the building be 'sustainable'?

There are a number of measures being proposed to ensure the proposed development will be both green and sustainable including:

• BREEAM Outstanding offices; • CLT construction. Preference given to construction material with low embodied carbon; • Car free development; • No use of fossil fuel therefore no impact on local air quality; • Considering decarbonization of the grid, an all-electric strategy (use of air source heat pumps which are almost 4 times more efficient than gas boilers); • Biodiverse roof to contribute to urban greening.

When are you looking to submit the planning application?

We plan to submit the application this summer, ideally by August. We would expect the application to be heard at planning committee towards the end of the year/early next year.

Will you be co-ordinating development activity at both Whiteleys and Queensway Parade in order to minimise the impact on surrounding roads/disturbance to residents?

Yes. We have selected the same design team to ensure the projects are delivered within the same strategy to minimise impact to our neighbours and surrounding areas.